Last Updated : December 1, 2013

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This page has been added as a new separate section to show listings of shows that have been released by Sirius Records that were also sourced from master recordings from 2002-2013 (so far) by kinglerxst, the founder of White Dragon Records. It has been asked in the past why WDR doesn't list any shows by Rush, which is easily explained because they are all released by Sirius Records. This section is to merely show the catalog portion of the SIR releases that were recorded by kinglerxst, it isn't a comprehensive listing of all SIR releases.

Special thanks go out to SiriusJoe at Sirius Records for mastering all of the kinglerxst sourced WDR & SIR releases over the years as well as contributing some siriusjoe sourced recordings for WDR releases!!!

Please feel free to check out the links to the left and see the catalog of SIR Releases from kinglerxst sourced recordings. I will be working backwards by date for the most part as far as adding to the catalog, but I reserve the right to be pretty random.

These pages are under construction! I will be updating and hopefully "beautifying" as possible ;) This is only a hobby for me and not a business. Thanks for checking out this site! :)

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